2021's Backside

In the backside of 2021 (and I do mean the backside) I sat down and wrote this email of gratitude. I was all ready to send it out on January 1st, but something stopped me from pushing send. And I realized I was in a sort of funk. I have so much to be thankful for, and yet the optimistic and happy words didn't resonate with me, a mere week after writing them. It has now been a good week of laying low, reading and enjoying the after effects of the flu and shingles shot (did not expect that!). Today, with the weather a teeny bit more palatable in New Jersey, I took Joey the dog out for a long walk, and think I have the turned the corner. Life is not easy, not matter how you live it. Thank you for being with me.

This is my message to you. Please enjoy it.

A big thank you to you all for a wonderful 2021 here at MAS Designs. It sounds cliche but the year would not have been so successful without you.

As you may know a guiding principle of the business is to Swell Hearts, we continued to do just that by raising funds and awareness in partnership with Access MO, the local high school chapter of Students Change Hunger for The Community FoodBank of NJ and Lustgarten Foundation, among others. As always our Red String Bracelets raise money to help the food insecure in Israel. And pink string bracelet purchases support Breast Cancer Research. We are very proud of this, and could have only raised these funds with your support.

In 2021 we collaborated with some super-smart, like-minded, savvy, and incredibly talented business women. A big shout out to the generous Challah Back Girls, insanely talented Shannon Sarna of The Nosher and Samantha from Sink r Swim who made room for us in their space. We can only hope that we were as generous to them as they were to us. If you missed the awesome giveaways, don't worry we have many more planned for 2022. (Please make sure you follow us on instagram to find out about the giveaways).

While the pandemic ebbed and flowed, I was lucky enough to GET OUT. I was inspired by the vibrant colors of a June trip to Italy (aaah Positano!), lazy summer beach days on Long Beach Island and as we speak, a white-out ski trip to Crested Butte, Colorado.

I was mindful of the brand's design integrity and created new designs and jewelry that we and YOU love!  (Have you not seen/do you not own/do you not wear our new chunky huggy earrings! I am not an earring changing type of person and I love wearing mine all.the.time).  We embraced our version of the traditional pearl, and found that we and YOU couldn't get enough of our easy to wear pearl necklaces and earrings.

With the support of my NYC and world-wide suppliers, gold dipper (who I just love) and my mail carrier, Russ who goes above and beyond schlepping our outgoing orders, the business grew beyond our expectations in 2021. A great big thank you also goes to our retail partners. Traditional retail is having a tough time, but our shops are rocking it

It is difficult to balance a growing business, a family who prefers homemade meals and a busy life. I so appreciate those around me who make my life that much easier. I am grateful for Christine because, believe-you-me, she is amazing! Thank you to Zoe for her social media savvy. I am so thankful to all of you for your social media ❤️, your feedback, your shopping orders and especially for spreading the MAS love. Keep it coming! 

Here is to a healthy New Year with only happiness and good things to come. I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year! Xoxo

Be in touch anytime!

Xoxo Maxine


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