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The MAS Designs String Bracelet Collection is our modern interpretation of the traditional Kabbalah bracelet which originated in Israel thousands of years ago, and is believed to ward off evil and protect its’ wearer. We blinged up the bracelet with red silk, gold chain and nuggets. Tie it on, and it will fall off when you no longer need its’ protection. Delicate, yet sturdy and powerful.

MAS Designs was born when we created a fundraiser to support struggling families in the 2014 war in the Middle East. We sold our Red String Bracelets, they went viral on social media and we quickly raised $35,000 from the MAS Designs community of givers. That’s a lot of $25 bracelets! We continue to give proceeds from the sale of our Red String Bracelets to charity, and they are still one of our most popular jewelry items. (link to press article)

Over the years we have introduced an assortment of colored silk strings. We have partnered with a bunch of great causes and philanthropies to create customized String Bracelet programs and build a community of givers. The bracelets raise funds, create awareness of the mission, and serve as an education tool for the organization. Whether it’s for a fundraiser, celebratory occasion, or in memory of someone special, we love to work with our customers to create personalized bracelets. So far, we’ve raised almost a hundred thousand dollars for various philanthropic organizations through the sale of our string bracelets.

MAS Designs Bracelets for Good

Let’s chat about designing a fundraiser for your passion organization or event. Together we’ll design a branded card, select a custom color silk string, and create a meaningful message. We can even handle the processing and shipping! Let’s make a difference in this world and swell some hearts.

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