MAS Designs was born from silk string, gold chain and a desire to make an impact on the world. In the summer of 2014, Maxine Schwartz created her own version of the Red String Kabbalah bracelet. Without pretense or a plan, what she created as a thoughtful gift for friends, become a viral campaign raising $35,000 in six weeks to benefit struggling families during the war in the Middle East. Since then, Maxine has leveraged her passion, art and the success of MAS Designs, bringing people together to raise over $75,000 for causes that swell the heart. The brand has grown over the years to include unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We are proud that MAS Designs is a true international brand, worn by cool, sophisticated women and men who treasure their MAS pieces for how they make them feel and for what they mean to them.

The MAS Designs brand is curated around its’ beautifully unique and soul-inspiring charms. Each charm is created by hand in the USA, with love and intention. Fine silver charms are shined up to sparkle or darkened to create mood, or plated in a warm, rich 24k gold that compliments every skin tone. Often, we incorporate a pretty crystal or diamond into our pieces. Our charms are designed to be imperfect, to resemble the imperfections in ourselves, and our lives. Yet, at the same time, they are balanced and pleasing to the eye and to the touch. We are drawn to organic designs with meaning, and natural materials to bring out each piece’s spirit and source of light. We use a variety of techniques to create layers of texture, movement and depth to ensure that each piece of jewelry feels and looks special and is highly personal to its’ wearer. We often receive personal notes from our clients, letting us know what her MAS Designs jewelry means to her. We are grateful for the show of MAS Designs love.


A former investment banker and beauty industry exec, Maxine found herself raising her family in the suburbs of New York City (and missing a creative outlet). During this time, she used her business skills to help philanthropic organizations that were important her. When MAS Designs was born, Maxine was able to combine her business experience, philanthropic passion and creative side to fuel her soul and emerge as a social entrepreneur. She finds tremendous reward bringing beauty and meaning through her jewelry and inspiring others to do good and feel good.

Born in South Africa, raised in New York and a global citizen, Maxine loves to experience new places and new cultures. Particularly from her year-long trek around the world (think dreds, bra-less and a 60lb backpack-TMI?), and most recently from travels to Morocco, South Africa, Australia and Fiji (why not, it was only a hop, skip and a jump from Australia), Maxine draws inspiration from the light, texture, and color that she finds in the early morning hours, in the busyness of a hectic day, or in the faces of passersby. These attractions are the source of creativity for the jewelry and for her life.

Maxine lives in New Jersey with her husband, their three tall sons and their dog, Joey. (Her family of all men are whole heartedly supportive of her woman-owned business.)