Italy in Depth

Spending the 4th of July in Italy with my husband and 2 of our sons was a treat. Coming out of, over a year of Covid, the urge to travel was urgent. When we realized we had the opportunity to visit Italy, we jumped at it.

Italy was as beautiful and rich as ever. The people were friendly and glad to see us and to welcome us. In Rome we toured the ruins, visited the Vatican and ate Roman artichokes and stuffed zucchini flowers - delicious. In Positano we walked stairs and stairs and stairs, hiked the Path of the Gods and relaxed on pebbly beaches. It was a dream.

I snapped away at photos, anything that caught my eye. Back home in New Jersey I realized that the images were less about the physical sites, and more about the depth of what was in front of me. Depth to me is the place where color, texture and experience meet.

I noticed a theme, of how the images evoked the designs and experience of my jewelry brand, MAS Designs. Each photo reminded me of a certain piece of jewelry. I hope you don't find the images salesy, to me they are not. To me, it feels natural the way the scenes from Italy complement the art of my life. This is the way I chose to share my travels with you, in a way that I hope you will find beautiful and interesting.  (Anyway it's my blog).

Xoxo, Maxine

MAS Designs Jewelry Italy Positano Photo.         MAS Designs Jewelry Italy Positano Photo



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