Trend Alert: BROWN

Fashion trends in 2021 have definitely reflected those from long ago; perhaps the last 20 months have made us crave the comfort of what used to be? Think pearls - MAS Designs recently launched our version of pearls, "a fresh take on your mother's iconic jewelry", and an edit of those worn by women as different as Audrey Hepburn and Madonna. Remember the 70's? Earthy tones were in vogue, from avocado-colored phones and refrigerators to belted, brown leather coats. What's old is new again; brown has taken center stage once more, replacing black and gray as the go-to neutral of the year.

The best part of brown is its versatility - it's the one neutral with many shades, all of which can be combined and worn simultaneously while keeping an understated elegance. Or wear one shade, head to toe, for a minimalistic look and a luxe feel. From dark chocolate to blonde wood, brown is showing up everywhere in 2021 - some of our favorite looks were recently worn by Jennifer Lopez and Adele (and our very own friend, Pam!)

Pam - beads.  Adele   Jennifer Lopez

Here at MAS, we like to think we're on trend with the latest fashions - our brown beaded jewelry has been around awhile, but we've tweaked it a bit to reflect what's current. Wear a long, blonde wood necklace with a brown sweater dress for that finishing touch, add a red-knotted set of dark brown beads to jeans and a white shirt for casual elegance, or pile shades of brown on your wrist for that cool, boho vibe. The choices are endless but the products are limited - check us out now to get the look you want this fall. Not sure what goes with your outfit? Contact us anytime to get personal shopping assistance - we love to play dress up!

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