The Community of a Fall Outdoor Faire

Yesterday's outdoor Phoenicia Flea fair at the Stockaide Faire in Kingston NY was a winner! It had the makings of a memorable day, complete with leaves changing color, crisp air, weak sunlight and a heavenly blue sky.

I have been selling my jewelry at markets and fairs for the past 8 years, but stopped during the Pandemic. And I missed them. I missed packing for them, accessing my inventory and determining what I want to sell. I loved waking up early, filling my car with heavy boxes and, coffee in hand, finding out my spot # (always a surprise), introducing my self to the tent neighbors and creating my jewelry display - always a little different with each show. The highlight is meeting browsers, shoppers and odd characters. I love getting to know people, determine their style and see if my jewelry fits their aesthetic. I have made many friends and fans at these fairs.

Often, my husband Rob and I have used the fairs as an excuse to see a new part  of the country. In the summer of 2019, we piggy-backed off the wonderful Love Shine Play Festival in Asheville, NC to spend a memorable week hiking and soaking up the Smokey Mountains. Yesterday, Rob served as my uh...wing man, and we spent the full day in Kingston, first manning the show and then exploring Kingston. Friends joined us, and he had a lovely night out in Kingston. As you can imagine, I am desperately looking for markets in San Fran, Santa Fe or Park City ;)

I don't have to do the fairs to build my business, but I do love meeting my customers and chatting with them about design and life. Building what one may call community - our MAS Community, for which I am grateful. 

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