Mother's Day Blog by Christine

We’ve had some interesting talks at our house lately, specifically about babies and parenthood. You see, my high school sophomore is currently taking Health at our dining room table, and I gotta tell you – my husband and I look forward to 7:30 AM as we have giggled more in the last few weeks than we have in the past year. We can’t but help overhear the painfully awkward conversations (monologues?) between the teacher – who has done an amazing job by the way – and his students as they discuss very in-depth details about reproduction and how to make and sustain babies. It's comical that at age 50 the word "intercourse" can still elicit the giggly response it does. 

One of the assignments required to pass this class is called “The Baby Project”. Students must carry around and “care for” a baby doll for a week and provide photo documentation of “parent-baby” activities. As a mother of 3 boys, I’ve gotten way too much satisfaction out of this project, and it’s become a family affair as we all coo or complain about the baby. Use your imagination here.

One of the things students do for the project is an interview with their own Mom or Dad; the questions are primarily about personal experiences both before and after becoming parents. Our son chose to interview my husband, however all of us were part of the conversation which became quite nostalgic and brought back feelings and emotions I hadn’t had in a long time. As a Mom, I find myself in automatic mode at times – wake up-coffee-dishwasher-laundry-gym-food-rides-work-calendar-more food… you get the idea. Our discussion allowed me to pause and think about what it means to be a Mother and what I felt all those years ago when the title was brand new to me.

One of the questions our son asked was “Were you ready to be a parent?”. I was, or at least I thought I was. What I wasn’t ready for was the Uncertainty. As a person who appreciates structure and organization, I was treading new waters here. At first, I thought the Uncertainty would subside. I’d learn how to do this job and all would be well. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Uncertainty was here to stay. “Is this diaper tight enough” became “Is this fever serious or not” eventually became “What the heck are they doing out so late”. Uncertainty followed us as we started to grow our family and so early on, I had to choose whether to fight or embrace it. Motherhood changed who I was – I had to become more flexible, forgiving, selfless. And so, because of my children, I am a better person. While it’s not always easy, I am thankful every day for what they’ve given me and I am grateful for the opportunity to be their Mother.

With the “Baby Project” coming to a close, we are reminded that Motherhood is a gift. Sometimes you know what to expect and other times you’re surprised. I’m choosing to appreciate all of it (including my MAS Designs gifts - check out my favorite picks for Mother's Day - hint, hint boys!).

Happy Mother's Day! 

xo - Christine

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