How To Layer Your Necklaces

As the warmer weather approaches, bring on the open neck, V and T shirts. Why, you may ask – are your upper arms toned, are your shoulders chiseled?

No, they are not, we will answer. We love summer tops because exposed necks and decollates make the perfect palette for a whole gob of jewelry around the neck.

However, if the thought of layering your necklaces makes you break out in hives…Read on.

I love layering my necklaces. To me it’s a form of body art, a way to express myself. It’s so easy to do, let me show you how:

  1. Decide where you’d like the first, shortest necklace to sit – usually 16” or 18”
  2. The second necklace looks great hanging 1” lower – usually 18” or 20”
  3. The third necklace can hang at 24” or even longer, at 36”
Now you have the lengths organized, what size and shape charms should you wear? I like to start with the smallest charm on the shortest necklace, then go larger as the chains get longer. And as far as I am concerned, wear any shape charm you’d like!

But wait!

If you would like to layer even more (yes, that’s a thing), throw on a chunky chain before step 1 (think curb or paper clip). Or add a necklace between step 2 and 3.

If you find yourself starting to scratch (see hive comment above), we can do the heavy lifting for you. Check out our pre-layered necklaces. We’ve already selected the styles for you – you decide the length that suits you best. If you’d like to book a consultation with us to create your own custom layered look, you can do that too! Or be in touch with us at


  1. Mix in a necklace that is already in your jewelry box (think diamonds by the yard or a meaningful pendant necklace)
  2. To stop necklaces from tangling (which they will 100% do), wear different weight and style chains
  3. Receive a 10% discount when you buy a MAS pre-layered look

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