How I Became a Voter

At MAS Designs we are lucky to have an outlet for passion. Our passion at the moment (and always) is to VOTE!

I was not born in the US. It took many years for my family to become citizens, and voting was not on (my) radar. I considered it a civic duty that Others did, not me. Almost into my 30's my husband, Rob taught me how to vote.  He literally took me by the hand to the polling station, and you know what..., I cried when I went into the voting booth. I did. I didn't realize how important it was to lay my claim to make a difference, be counted and the privilege and honor that came with it. I finally felt like an American.

We have always taken our three sons with us to vote. Actually into the voting booth. This 2020 voting year the Schwartz family will proudly introduce 2 BRAND NEW FIRST-TIME VOTERS!  I look forward to voting, especially this year, with my mask on. 

These MAS Designs Vote necklaces were inspired by Michelle Obama's Vote necklace that she wore during her incredible speech at the Democratic National Convention 2020. Our goal is to raise the Vote Vibration in the country, and get people out there. 

Please vote. It is empowering, it gives you a voice, and lets you be heard. Drag someone with you to the polling station, then have coffee together, with your masks on.

See/hear Michelle Obama's speech here:

Here is Michelle Obama's ByChari Vote necklace:

Shop MAS Designs Vote necklace:

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