Gift Guide #4: Best Sellers

These pieces literally fly off the shelves at Mas Designs! Starting with our beaded chains and assorted charms – mix and match to reflect your personality – there is no wrong combo. Next, our Circles of Life Charm is part of our Jewelry with Meaning line; this design is a reminder that life has it’s ups and downs – at a high point, stay humble, at a low point, be optimistic. Our beaded bracelets are the perfect gift – so easy to wear, as is our Red String Bracelet – the piece that started it all (read our story here). Our longer (24“+) Hidden lights and Labradorite beaded necklaces are great for layering and our diamond stud earrings are so sweet and stylish. Finally, if you just can’t decide, a gift card is always a perfect fit – let her choose what speaks to her!


MAS Designs Holiday Gift Guide

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