A Love Letter to My Mom - by Zoe

After close to eight months at home with my parents during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, it was hard to assimilate back into city life alone. I missed the laughs, the impromptu walks around the neighborhood, eating dinner together nightly (AKA not cooking for one) and most importantly, their company. The new adult relationship I formed and now share with my parents is something that never would've blossomed without the rain that is COVID.

No offense, Dad, you'll get your own letter come Father's Day, but this is a love letter to Mom...

Zoe and Mom

She's always led by example whether it be through her wit or her style, both timeless might I add. This year has been all about adapting to change, and through that change, reminding those we love that we adore and support them. Constant change started for me before the pandemic, but the one thing that's remained the same is my Mom's encouragement and support throughout all of it. 

I can't think of a better way to celebrate her everlasting and evolving love this Mother's Day than with MAS Designs. Each piece is handmade and unique, but they are all crafted with the same careful love. Born with philanthropy in mind, MAS represents so much of what my Mom embodies.

Working alongside two incredible mothers and businesswomen, Maxine and Christine, at MAS Designs makes every piece all the more meaningful. I encourage you all to look beyond your own Mothers and to your Mother figures this Mother's Day, celebrate them, thank them and cheer them on.

Mom, Max and C - I hope to be half as incredible a woman and mother as you all someday.


Zoe Malliaros

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