A Guide To Self-Love This V-Day

There's no question Valentine's Day is different this year, but on the flip side I think that makes it even more special. There are so many different kinds of love, and so many ways to celebrate each and every version. I could go on, but the love I'm celebrating this year is self-love. 

Zoe on Valentine's Day

2020 gave me ample alone time, so me, myself and I have become the best of friends just in time for a holiday all about love. Enhancing my relationship with myself has made me more sure of the love I give to those I care about. We don't give ourselves nearly enough care or credit, so I've included some of my favorite tips for self-love and care that may seem little, but go a long way:

1. Be present

2. Prioritize reflection and mindfulness - take a few extra moments to savor your "shower thoughts"

3. Allow yourself to do one thing a day that uplifts you

4. Take a sanity walk

5. Move and stretch your body

One extra special tip for self-love this Valentine's Day requires a little more effort and thought, but you'll thank me later. Meet the "cocoa bomb" - I had no idea what it was at first either. Cocoa bombs are generously-sized chocolate spheres filled with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and a number of other sugary treats. Pour steaming hot milk over the top and watch the chocolate melt away and release those marshmallows and delights into your milk.

Hot Cocoa Bomb

Follow these simple steps for an indulgent and well-deserved dessert. Who needs a box of chocolates anyway?

Step1:  Heat roughly 14 oz. of milk (I prefer oat) until it's steaming

Step 2:  Place the cocoa bomb in the bottom of the mug and pour the hot milk on top

Step 3:  Use a spoon to stir so that the cocoa and the chocolate melt into the hot milk

Step 4:  Enjoy and bask in that self-love

If this isn't your ideal delight, a cocoa bomb makes a great gift for any chocolate lover. I am accepting all cocoa bombs!

All in all, it's not our usual Valentine's Day but the essence remains the same. Love yourself, cherish your loved ones and give yourself a little credit and a big treat.

 xo - Zoe - xo

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